Open Call Auditions - Extended to June 2
May 25, 2023

“Larry the Musical,” in partnership with Brava Theater in San Francisco, is seeking musical theater performers to play Filipina/o/x and Filipina/o/x Americans for the theatrical premiere of the first musical about the life and legacy of labor leader Larry Itliong. 

Written by Gayle Romasanta and Kevin Camia
Music by
Bryan Pangilinan and Sean Kana
Directed and Choreographed by
Billy Bustamante
Music Direction by
Sean Kana
Produced by
Gayle Romasanta, Bryan Pangilinan, Melvign Badiola, Brava Theater, Pink Parrot Studio LLC, and Dr. Kevin Nadal


“Larry the Musical” follows the story of Larry Itliong and the Filipino American community of farmworkers and their families who started the 1965 Great Delano Grape Strike, one of the most significant social justice movements in history that led to the merging of the predominantly Filipino union, Agriculture Workers Organizing Committee, with the Mexican Association, National Farm Workers Association, to create the United Farm Workers in 1966. The musical is based on the book “Journey for Justice: The Life of Larry Itliong” written by the late and great Dr. Dawn Mabalon and Gayle Romasanta.


AEA MBAT Contracts.
Stipends provided for Non-Union performers.
Local hire preferred.


We are seeking theater artists who are excited to participate in the fast-paced, ever-evolving process of developing a new musical. Strong storytelling and movement skills are required. Solid vocals, musicality, and experience with vocal harmonies are a plus. Artists who are fast learners, flexible and nimble, and bring a collaborative and positive attitude to the process are appreciated. We are committed to centering BIPOC storytelling, and are excited to collaborate with artists who share that commitment.

We aim to assemble a cast that reflects the diversity of the Filipina/o/x community. Actors of all body types, skin tones, and age ranges are encouraged to submit. All artists are members of the ensemble.


Older Larry (Tenor) – Male Identifying, Early 40s or older.
One of the most well-known farm labor organizers in the Filipino American community. Known as the leader of the Great Delano Grape Strike and co-founder of the United Farm Workers. Older Larry is a jokester, complex and strategic.

Author (Alto/Mezzo/Soprano 2) – Female and/or Non-binary Identifying, 20s - 40s.
Intelligent, witty and fearless. Goes toe-to-toe with Older Larry. She is intent on telling Larry’s story and helping him write his book. She has a contemporary sensibility, and strong comedic timing. 

Young Larry/Philip (Tenor) – Male Identifying, Early 20s or older.
Young Larry is charismatic, determined, and unwavering. He grows from a naive teenager to a respected community leader quickly. Ability to talk with authority, but to also be empathetic and understanding of the community’s needs. 

Philip Vera Cruz is Leader of the United Farm Workers movement, author, poet and academic. One of his favorite philosophers was Immanuel Kant. 

Ernesto/Bob/Dad (Tenor 1) – Male identifying, Late 20s to late 30s.
Ernesto Mangaoang is Larry’s mentor and labor organizer. A hardliner, he was one of its most respected labor organizers. He was so successful, the FBI created a file on him, and tried to deport him in the 1950s, claiming he was a communist.

Bob Armington is the Delano community’s leader, president of Filipino Hall, and worked with Larry in the fields in the 1930s.

Larry’s Dad is stoic and doesn’t show emotion easily.

Yzzy (Mezzo/Soprano 2) – Female identifying, Early to mid 20s or older.
Independent, spunky, and headstrong. An unconventional Pinay who would rather be organizing workers to join labor organizations, strikes, and unions. While the epitome of a burgeoning activist, she is also complex in her need to question and accept feminine roles in the FIlipino community. 

Tomas (Baritenor/Tenor) – Male identifying, Early to mid 20s or older.
Fun loving “swagapino.” He is funny, brash, but thoughtful and misses the Philippines dearly. Strong and charismatic with a heart of gold.

Reyna (Soprano) – Female identifying, Late 20s to 30s.
Reyna is motherly and no-nonsense. A very good cook, she is also the mama bear of the community and organizes the movement by coordinating and cooking for strikers/farmworkers’ meals.

Maria/Lourdes (Soprano) – Female identifying, Mid 20s to 30s.
Maria is Larry’s sweetheart in the Philippines with promises he will see her again. She is determined to become a teacher and make a difference in her community.

Lourdes is an American born Pinay. She is a confident “Jose Rizal Day Queen.”

Francisca (Soprano) – Female identifying, 20s to 40s or older.
Larry’s mom, Francisca, is supportive, strong, and nurturing. She helps guide Larry through the pivotal moments of his life.

Victor (Baritenor) – Male Identifying, 20s - 30s or older.
Larry’s uncle, Victor, is funny and direct. His letters back home inspired Larry to come to the US. He is a labor organizer.


Preparation - A brief cut of a song no longer than 1.5 minutes. Preferably contemporary musical theater that tells a story, shows your musicality and vocal range, and connects to a character. Please choose material that showcases your strengths.

Submission accepted until June 2.
Email submissions to

Please List “Larry,” YOUR FULL NAME and DESIRED ROLE in the Email Subject Line

  • Please attach your Headshot and Resume in PDF form
  • Please change digital file names of all PDFs to YOUR LAST NAME
  • Please include a link to your video in the body of your email, but please no video attachments.
  • Additional socials and links of your work are welcome.


  • Open Call – April 21 - June 2
  • Callbacks period - June 5 - June 30
  • Rehearsals begin -  January 22
  • Tech rehearsals begin  – March 11
  • Previews begin (tentative) - March 15

Opening March 20 through April 7
Wed - Sun, 6 shows per week.


Brava Theater
2781 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110


Brava Theater is a fully vaccinated workplace. All applicants may be subject to showing proof of current vaccination.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY DIRECT CORRESPONDENCE to Director, Writers, Composers, Producers, Musical Director or any other Creative Team member.

New Premiere Date
May 15, 2023

Thank you for your continued interest in “Larry the Musical!”

We’re reaching out with an important scheduling update impacting the SF opening slated for October 2023 at Brava Theatre. Due to scheduling conflicts impacting the final phase of development, the theatrical premiere of “Larry the Musical” will now occur in March 2024. The Larry creative team felt that keeping our entire group together in the home stretch represented the best option for honoring our commitment to thoughtfully bringing this story to life on stage.

To celebrate Filipino American History Month in October, and in lieu of the premiere, we will be presenting special performances and behind-the-scenes production updates as we progress towards the 2024 opening. Watch this space for more info!

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us and for your support of “Larry the Musical!”

Workshop #3
April 1, 2023

The first read through of the full script and sing through of 20 songs was held on Saturday, April 1, 2023 at Brava Theater.

San Francisco Premiere at Brava Theater

Get ready for the world to know Larry Itliong's story as we premiere Larry the Musical in October 2023.

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